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Update by user Aug 08, 2016

Hello All,

This is an update for my experience with Bissell.I received a call from a resolution specialist this morning and he patiently listened and was understanding of my frustration.

What I appreciate is that I did not have to fuss and argue with him as I had with customer service reps. The specialist was extremely helpful and asked what could be done to help resolve my case.

I informed him what I thought would be fair and he agreed.Thank you, to the Resolution Specialist that assisted me!

Original review posted by user Aug 06, 2016

Most horrendous customer service experience of my life.Initially spoke with CR regarging known defective issues with their portable cleaners such as the SpotClean Proheat.

CR argued and basically didnt want to do anything about a machine I've owned for only 6 months. Finally after my persistence and letting him know that I'm not accepting less than a new replacement, the CR agrees and says to send the cord from the defective one and they will send the replacement in 7-10 days. When I received my replacement it was the old model. I called Custermer service again and was met with hostility again.

The CR stated that they upgraded my machine thats why it looked different from what I had. That the A on thr model number stood for it being the updated model which included the newest technology. And that the model I own 5207U was the old model. I stated I didnt believe her and that I would research that while I had her on the phone.

She assured me that I had the best and the latest model. I then told the rep that I am putting her on hold while I confirm whether this was truth. She must have thought I was literally putting her on a hold bc she then started chatting and giggling with a co-worker about how she duped me into thinking I had the newest machine when really they had sent me an older model. I returned to the phone call and explained to her that the replacement was indeed (as suspected) the older model.

I then confronted ger on her lies. She stammered and said she wasnt lying that I had the "better" model. I then tild her that I overgeard her convo with her coworker; and asked the rep "why are you intentionally being dishonest and lying?" and "that she and Bissel appeared to be intentionally trying yo defraud customers." She then said it was a mistake and that theyd send me the proper replacement. I reported this to Bissel and got a canned response (I'll post the email) "sorry for your experience.

We'll meet with the rep and her manager for better training." This WAS NOT a matter of "training", its a matter if a company that has dishonest and unethical...and most likely illegal business practices when dealing with consumers/customers. Theres no doubt that Bissell was intentionally trying to defraud a customer. And by the way, I received tge 2nd replacement cleaner....it is defective as well. See photos and video.

Btw, the video is if the brand new replacement cleaner I received yesterday!

Oh and it not only leaks at the hose, but also at the tank that holds the dirty water it pulls.See pics.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of bissell 5207u vacuum cleaner. Bissell needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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