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Our Bissell vacuum burned gray marks into three parts of our carpet. We were using the hose attachment to clean our couch and moved the vacuum three times as we moved along the couch with the hose.

We then turned around to see three grey strips burned into our carpet where the vacuum had been sitting as we were working with the hose attachment on the couch. We called Bissell and they informed us that we would have to find a box to ship the product - this is a vacuum, a rather large item to find a box for and pack up. When I asked about the carpet damage they told me to include two photos inside the box I'm supposed to take a few hours out of my day to go find. I inquired as to whether they sometimes pay for people's damaged carpets and they did not provide an answer.

So, after I spend four hours traveling to Target to beg for a spare large box, packing this thing up, and sending it off to Bissell, perhaps I'll learn if they will pay for our damaged carpet. Such a shame that Bissell places the packaging of their defective product on our backs.

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Del Mar, California, United States #806576

Same thing, used hose attachment to clean corners and found dark grey places under where vacuum had been sitting. I moved the vacuum around to prevent brushes over-beating the carpet and didn't expect it to damage the carpet after just 1 or 2 minutes sitting in one spot.

Sacramento, California, United States #713995

I ment to say they Don't return calls

Sacramento, California, United States #713990

This happen to me also when I was using the hose to clean my sofa. Still waiting to hear from Bissell, they seem to return calls!


Exactly the same has just happened in my house.the day after vacuuming my stairs we noticed a burn mark by the bottom step - couldnt think what caused it, the following week vacd the settee and found burn marks in front of it - identical then realised what it was


The same happened to us but on the stairs when using the hose. I took mine back to the store for a refund and bissell are buying me a new stair carpet.

firstly then sent someone to report on it then i had to provide 2 quotes. still awaiting them to pay the company so i can have it fitted tho.


Good luck, please keep us informed!!

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