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I purchased a Bissell Pet Spot Bot. At first it did pretty well even though it left spots lighter than my carpet.

Then is started not suctioning all the soap and liquid back up. As time goes by it gets worse and worse. It leaves more and more liquid behind. It has now ruined several spots in my carpet because I cannot get the liquid out of my carpet.

That leaves a bigger stain than my pet did. Now it looks worse than the original pet boo-boos.

Don't buy this product. It is total junk and a waste of $150.00

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1178604

I have the same problem. It work ok for about 15 times.

Then it leaves the dirty water IN YOUR CARPET. Now I have rusty looking stains ALL OVER by pink bedroom carpet. I CANNOT GET IT OUT.


I spent almost $200 and now wonder if another $200 from a truck machine will take it out. Horrible.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #736829

I got news for you.....the spot is the least of your worries!....guess what?... the back side of your carpet is? ADHESIVE..(water and glue don't mix) just ruined your carpet

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